Everlasting Moments

Original Title: LING HUN DE LU CHENG

Dir: Wen-Pin Chen

72 Minutes, 35mm, Taiwan, 2010




The modern and the ancient overlap in the same space. Story begins with the ancient Atayal chief Buda leading his people to climb through mountains, to find a new place to live, to build a new tribe. Once in the cloud and heavy fog, Buda gets lost and finds himself being an intruder in a demolished city in the modern time. In the modern city, another Atayal, Taqun, – who is the Minister of the Council of Indigenous People – is facing a dilemma on the government’s decision to demolish the indigenous tribes in the cities. Feeling helpless and hopeless, Taqun goes to one of the demolished tribes. Unfortunately, an accident leaves him in coma. In his coma, Taqun starts a series of conversation with the lost spirit, Buda. Their words will bring the viewers to a long forgotten world – a world of modern indigenous people’s lives in the city, a world of their unique philosophy, and a world of another culture……


Director’s biography:

Wen-Pin Chen mostly worked on documentary in his early years and have starting to focus on feature film recently. There are both realism and poetic sentiment in his works.


Cast: Yuraw‧Yukan, Lin, Yung-Heng

Screenplay: Wen-Pin Chen

Cinematographer: Bodo, Feng Hsin-Hua

Editor: Lin Zhi-Ru

Music: Li Yi-Tsang

Set: Chou, Chun-Chia

Costume: Wang Yi-Wen, Wu Mei-Ling

Producer: Jennifer Chen

Production Company: Luminoso Film Co.,Ltd.

Aspect Ratio: SREEN RATIO: 1:1:33/1:1:66/1:1:85/CINEMASCOPE

Sound: 5.1/Mono


Director’s Filnography:

2004 “Shihkang Story”

2007 “MSGAMIL-Once Upon Time”

2009“No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti”

2009“Chou-shui River”

2010“Everlasting Moments”

2011 "Poetry in the Wind”


Festival Awards:

59th The International Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg

23th Singapore International Film Festival

12th Taipei Film Festival

9th Kaouhsiung Film Festival