‘Dwitiyo Ripu’

English Title: A Journey to your Core

72 minutes, Bengali, India, 2015


Editor & Director: Abhijit Chowdhury

Scriptwritter: Abhijit Chowdhury, Debapriya Roy, Prosenjit Choudhury

Producer: Gunjan Biswas

Art Direction: Debarpiya Roy, Rojen Biswas

Cinematography: Prosenjit Choudhury,

Additional Camerawork: Somnath Haldar

Sound Design & Recording: Arijit Mitra

Singer: Anupam Roy

Creative Director: Prosenjit Choudhury

Background Music: Gaurab Chatterjee

Assistant Directors: Rojen Debnath & Krishnendu Dutta

Casts:  Biswajit Chakrabarty, Bitan Biswas, Satrajit Sarkar, Debashree Chakrabarty, Kheya

Chattapadhyay, Prosenjit Choudhury, Abhirup Dawn, Shayok Dev, Pradeep Roy, Koyel Ghosh



Raktim Bose, struggling to publish his first novel from the most renowned publishing house in Kolkata, encounters with its editor, an influential man hated by many, in a decaying era of Bengali literature. Raktim’s novel revolves around Ayurved Sinha, the protagonist, and his obsessive relationship with his love interest Bidisha Roy. Raktim, determined to start a literary revolution, meets different people as he travels deep into the nostalgic core of the city that still lives in its past. Imon, a free- going girl, finds a manuscript of the novel and ends up entering into the intertwined world of Raktim and Ayurvend Sinha.The fine line between realtiy and fiction gets blurred. Does the author give birth to a character or the character brings the author into existence?


Directors Profile:

Abhijit Chowdhury is a Kolkata based independent Filmmaker, screenwriter and editor. His debut film is “Dwitiyo Ripu”. Abhijit is a B.E in electronics engineering from IIEST, Shibpur. After that he did diploma in film direction from Kolkata Film & Television Institute.  Abhijit is an avid fan of Coen Brothers and Satyajit Ray.